Jurassic World (2015)

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Looking at the film, you will find yourself in a luxury theme park which houses the largest and most interesting living prehistoric creatures. The park is located on an island near Costa Rica, and leading-edge technology is a wonder full of attractions that leave you breathless. Children have the opportunity to ride the miniature triceratops, visitors can admire the mosasaurs outstanding from the depths of a huge swimming pool to the air ate the bait of the great white shark, and the stunned family reverently studying dinosaurs of all sizes and shapes which wander freely. But all goes wrong when Indominus Rex - a dinosaur that had never walked the earth, and whose intelligence and ability to hunt anyone not known - runs away and disappears into the jungle. At this point, every being in the Jurassic world, and people and dinosaurs, find themselves in great danger. The war for survival and no part of the largest theme park in the world is no longer safe!

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